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ProMind Complex is a herbal nutritional recipe that lets its users experience strong memory, concentration, and analytical skills by encouraging brain fitness. Its official website states that certain clinically validated…

My name is Carl Henderson and I live in Austin, Texas, as a Professor of Psychology.

And even though I am not proud of it, I would admit something to you:
I’ve always been envious of people with extraordinary memories, you know. You know, the sort of people who, with seemingly little effort, acquire encyclopedic information, while the rest of us fail to recall the name of the person we were introduced to seconds earlier. I have always asked how this could be done.

I have had the privilege of collaborating for three decades with some of the finest minds who have researched the complicated mechanisms of human memory.
Now that I’m about to finish my job, I want to share all the mountains of information that I’ve accumulated all these years…
And help people around the world live a happier life by raising awareness about how their memory can be handled better by everyone.

And, you know, not all of us have a computer-like brain, but hope still remains.
And like any other muscle in our bodies can be improved, we can train our minds to remember more and understand more easily.

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