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Many people have reversed type 2 diabetes Later in this post is a simple way to prove this to yourself at hom.e. But firstly a brief introduction… Up until relatively recently doctors were on the wrong track with diabetes. Some were still injecting insulin into patients with type 2 diabetes. They now know this is not the be first course of action. Three types of diabetes in laymans terms Type 1 is where the pancreas can not secrete enough insulin Type 2 where too much insulin is produced because receptors are resistant to insulin. Reversible in the majority of cases through diet alone. Type 3 is Alzheimers due to glycated proteins Recent discoveries mean that diagnosis of type 1 and type 2 are not as clear as once thought. Im a specialist practitioner in obesity and diabetes. thats right, type 2 diabetes can be reversed through diet for some patients. Absolutely. Firstly this is what is a normal insulin reaction looks like Insulin is manufactured in the pancreas and secreted when your blood sugar levels rise. Blood sugar needs to be not too high and not too low. Insulins mechanism to remove sugar from blood is to put it into cells, like your muscles. If there is an excess after blood glucose has gone into cells it is then put in the liver and further excess becomes fa.t. What happens with type 2 When insulin is secreted the bodys cells have receptors that accept the insulins key that then open the doors to the cell to let the glucose in. Sadly in type 2 the receptors become resistant to the insulin key. Therefore not enough energy gets into the cell. The body has a negative feedback system. Once the cells do not get enough energy a signal is sent back to the pancreas to manufacture even more insulin. This is a vicious cycle. Insulin keeps going up and resistance keeps getting worse. A dru.g, called metformin wor.ks by making cells receptive again but it has limitations and eventually other dru are needed. This is not ideal so how can we reverse this? Well quite simply really. The crux of this scenario is that it is the sugar spikes in the blood that are causing the high levels of insulin in the first place. Certain foods cause insulin to enter the system in a fast and high volume way and some foods hardly disturb insulin at all. The insulin index is similar to the GI system and by picking foods that cause little insulin response the type 2 diabetes begins to reverse. This is a snapsho.t. The lower the number the lower the insulin response Sadly many government guidelines are not beneficial and largely driven by big food and the sugar industry. Therefore medical doctors are following terrible guidelines and their hands are tied. Thankfully in the uk the diabetes organisation website now recommends a high fa.t, low carb diet. This diet will make the body feel fuller, have less cravings, assist in weightloss and reduce insulin levels and make the body start to be more and more insulin sensitive. Official guidelines and how you can prove them wrong! Ok, the official guidelines are based on a theory from the 1950s that has no science behind it! Eating breakfast was suggted as the most important meal of the day because it was thought you woke up with low blood sugar. You can prove this wrong with a simple device! Buy a glucometer and wake up and tt your blood sugar. It will not be lower than normal. The medical profession do not give out blood sugar reading devices because they think it will mean that patients will do their own thing! Well yes! Because once you give knowledge to the patient they realise what they are being told is not what they are expecting or experiencing. Those that like the science of this can find it in Joslins diabetes mellitus. A medical textbook. Or better, in Guytons medical physiology textbook. Coming off refined carbohydrates bread, pasta, craers, pastries, sugar and fructose are all carbohydrates needs to be done slowly and with careful planning. Cutting down on fruit and fruit juice is beneficial but keep eating vegetables as they are a good source of carbohydrates due to high fibre and vitamins. Other great ways to lower insulin and improve all your bloods and overall health is the inclusion of intermittent fasting. But thats for another post! Hope this helps Step Away From The Carbs The science behind weight loss, the recipes to make it happen. Beautiful colour photographs of every breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and even drinks. https // amazon/dp/B076KPG2W3/refcmswrcpapiAwA6zbRZJS2P6

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